Happy belated birthday to my little sister, Eileen! I’ve written about her before and just want to say again how blessed my life has been by having her for a sister. I remember a few years ago she was in charge of the brother/sister family reunion. She went all out cooking like a crazy woman and reserved the Bar H near their home for our extravaganza. It was decorated cute and was welcoming and homey. We had milk can dinners — meaning, I guess, that they cooked the whole meal in milk cans. I never heard of such a thing. We slept on her lawn in tents and played games til the cows came home.

Eileen is a lot like my mother. She cooks, sews, serves, works alongside her husband, Mel, has many children who have all grown up into wonderful, responsible, talented adults. Eileen looks like mom, as well. She’s a happy person with a smile that never ends. She tells long stories and laughs at herself. She is a good sport and works overtime to make things just right for everyone else. They often have a huge group going to Green River Lakes in the summertime. I remember one time their group was way over the limit in the campground but instead of moving to two different sites, they were willing to pay for the two sites if they could just all stay together. That says a lot for their family!

Happy day to you! Happy year. Happiness, and Blessings