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I am half way through the day and hopefully got that out of my system. With some encouragement from my eldest, I’m going to move on and try to not dwell on it so much. He said “I like it when you focus on positive lists, your grandchildren, Green River Lakes, Sunday school lessons, memories of Grandma, realizations about life, lessons learned, etc.” [I like that better, too.] “Give it up mom. Do your best and that’s it. You are active and you exercise when you can. You eat good most days. Maybe only weigh one a week. This day-to-day thing dominates your life and is making you very unhappy. Have a good day. I would love to read tomorrow about your ten favorite memories of your kids and grand kids.”

[There’s plenty of good things I could write about them! Lot’s of memories and favorite times. What Mom and Grandmom wouldn’t be able to fill up a page with that kind of inspiration?]

I definitely love it when granddaughter Annes calls me. I can only understand a few words out of each sentence. If Tracy hadn’t told me her new nickname was Spider, I wouldn’t have known. I love walking through the halls at work while carpet sweeping and singing “The Teensy Weensy Spider” with this cute thing! I get lots of looks from the classrooms.

I remember when Stephen was born. It was a scary time because he stopped breathing twice. The cord was wrapped around his neck, not once, but twice. I remember thinking ohmygoodness this baby I’ve waited ten years for needs to breath! A few months later he nearly drown in the bathtub — but since those two early incidents he has been strong and huge [6’4″] and darling and handsome and he’s breathing well on his own now. I’m so glad to see him happier than he has been for a while. He’s learning how to build  homes and to work hard and to be on his own.

I remember one day when he was riding his dirt bike he was attempting a wheelie and somehow skidded on his knees for a while [until he could stop his bike] and took most of the skin off both of them. When he came in the house pouring blood and crying and was scared to death the first thing he said was, “Mom, I’m so sorry. I ruined my pants.” He apparently hadn’t seen his knees yet.

When Andie was a baby she was famous for being able to turn her bink upside down in a split nano second. Everyone [for miles around] would come by to see her do this. They’d all line up, purposfully put the binkie in upside down, and she’d twist it around with her little tongue and suck. We’d turn it again and again and again, and she’d turn it back. We’d all laugh until we cried. It was so stinking cute!

A favorite memory of my mother is that she used to let me get away with sleeping under the table on the pushed-in kitchen chairs. After lunch she sent us upstairs for naps but I would usually sneak back down and try to hide. She busied herself with lunch clean up and would talk as though no one were there and said, “Those good little children all asleep in their beds…” while she knew I was under the table as she swept. I always loved her for letting me do that while all the other kids were upstairs.

An odd memory at GRL was when we were paddling to the upper meadow while everyone else hiked up for a picnic. Mom and I [because she couldn’t walk that far and I was preggers] were in the boat with Alice’s brothers and there were deer or elk swimming in the water right beside us.

OK, truly, I am feeling more balanced and not so focused on things that will never matter in a few days.

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  1. tracy

    Good memories! I had completely forgotten about Andie’s binky trick and I never knew about the sleeping under the table with a sly mama sweeping.

    How are you today?

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