ha ha

I am cracking up. Yes this very minute I am laughing my head off. I’ve just discovered the most interesting blog. It’s entitled Nephi’s Blog and is very entertaining and a little sarcastic and yet quite accurate! Here’s how Laman introduces himself in the blog

As the oldest son of Lehi and Sariah, this blog should be mine, but Nephi has taken upon himself this right and I have far more important things to do than sit around and drone on about my father’s visions and dreams.  I don’t have much use for them.  They upset our family, the leaders in the community and one day will probably get my father killed.  If Nephi were smart he would leave this to me since I am the firstborn and have the birthright privilege of leadership.  But since Nephi humors my father, my father thinks Nephi is better than me and Lemuel. We will get even, Nephi will realize his mistakes, soon enough.

I love to read clever things. And I wish I were clever enough, myself, to have thought of it. But for now, it’s enough to read someone else’s version of this story. I have clicked all over the pages and found so many interesting things. I wish I had them all printed up and in a book. I wish I had found it the year we were studying this in Gospel Doctrine. Ahem, always a dollar short and a day late, as my dad would say at this point.

And although I am already reading at least 6 blogs [not every day, but often] I’m going to add this one because I think it is so important. I’ll have to take a second look at the other ones and eliminate one off my favorites bookmark.

PS: Let’s see. 143 again today. But I have exercised and I’m optimistic I’ll be getting rid of something sometime soon. Trying hard to not stress, because the exercise has made me feel so much better, even though it’s not really paying off at the scale yet.