Even though I don’t believe in biorhythms, they’ve hit it exactly right-on for me the last week! [If I read it at all, it’s after the fact — if I’m having a particularly great day or a horrible one, and it’s enough to catch my attention I say “Wow, maybe I should go check my biorhythms!”] [It would be counterproductive to read before hand; that’d be like a self-fulfilling prophecy.]

Anyway, I just checked it today for the last several days I had . . .

Your general well being is momentarily mediocre. Tendency: Its getting better promptly.

Physical: Slowly your vitality is increasing. Support it with some light exercise.

Emotional: You feel well and are in a good mood. And it shall get even better.

Intellectual: Even if you haven’t accomplished much in the last few days, take it easy – you can make up for it in the better days to come.

Hmmm. How do they know me so well?

[I’m just taking it for granted that you already know biorhythms are not a horoscope. Nothing like it. Rather, it’s the system that deals with three biological cycles of humans, the body’s physical, emotional and intellectual energy based on date of birth. It’s used to determine the patterns of a person’s critical days and periods of high and low energy. Biorhythms regulate metabolism, ambition, memory, coordination, endurance, temperament, emotions, sexuality, creativity and much more. Just like most women have a 28 day cycle, we also have other cycles, like a 23 physical day and a 33 intellectual cycle — and once in a while they all collide or they are all at a peak — thus a really horrible day when nothing seems to go right no matter what, or a fantastic day when anything and everything seems possible!]

I know you’ve had them!