movie night

As mentioned, I’m at Mikelle’s. Yesterday we did some shopping. Went to the cheese factory and got, seriously, eight loaves of cheese for $18. Holy cow, that would have cost ten bucks a loaf at my grocery store in Bridger Valley! We went to the mall to exchange a shirt at Aeropostale, bought a skirt at Christopher and Banks, bought two tops at Vanity, and went to Bath and Body Works in search of brown sugar and fig lotion. None.

We ate at Pita Pit. Rather, we ate at Panda Express. I took my veggie wrap and snuck it into Panda in Mikelle’s purse while she ordered Chinese and we ate together in a dark corner so no one could see the contraband.

What I’m getting to is the movie!

We had decided earlier in the day to go see Alice in Wonderland. Logan’s family, mom, two sisters, two nieces, and us three [or is it we three?] were going to enjoy a night at the movie. It started at 7:15 and Mikelle and I arrived around 7. Logan had bought all the tickets beforehand and we were to meet there from our various locations and enjoy the evening together.

Somewhere, it all the chaos of getting into a crowded parking lot, a crowded building and a crowded theatre, we were pretty late and the only seats left were in the fourth row! Not my favorite neck-breaking place to sit!

Everyone left [quite upset, I might add] except Logan, Mikelle and I. We sat there on row four with our 3D’s on [looking as silly as all get out!] and watched the amazing, frightening, awesome, bewitching, bombastic, bizarre screenplay. Wow! Creatures with much too many teeth and flying spiders and purple caterpillars with exaggerated details, wreckage, splatters, everything flew out at us with alarming force and speed. I had a serious head throb in my frontal lobe within minutes and the back of my neck was burning deep in the muscles from looking nearly straight up at the screen.


I kept thinking, I’ll never be able to take the grandkids to this. Even though they recently read Alice in Wonderland for their family read, they would have nightmares for weeks at the reality of seeing the movie.

I know I’m going to!