oh my goodness; it’s over!

What a week!

I worked three ‘normal’ days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Two eights and a ten. Wednesday I worked all day setting up things for Regionals: ticket tables, T-shirt tables, popcorn and cotton candy vending area, two other vendors. A place to cook breakfasts, complete with seven extension cords that wouldn’t blow all the breakers. A place in the PAC for the cheer and dance teams and their hospitality room. The main hospitality room in the old weight-room. A place for the coaches meeting. Oh my goodness. We took out the cardboard core of cases of paper towels and TP, laid down rows of rugs in the hallway and in front of the bleachers. Set up the sound system and scoring area, a place for radio personnel. Oh my goodness!

Thursday I worked 8 hours as a custodian and seven hours as a scorer. I was so exhausted! [We also woke up to 4-inches of heavy wet snow which all had to be moved at 4 am! Brian and Rien cleared the parking lot while I ran the Bobcat on the miles of sidewalks for two hours before we even started to work on all the other stuff we had to do that day.]

Friday the same schedule.

Saturday the same.

Each day we had to clear a thousand people out of the gym two times per day [after the morning session and then the afternoon session] and clean the entire gym area. Sweep, mop, empty, scrub, straighten, change signs, check, fill, wipe, vacuum.


Thank goodness for the gaggle of volunteers who pitched in and made this monumental task possible. Teachers, students, coaches, friends. A group of twenty or so people tackled the impossible and did it in a 20-minute time frame once each morning and in a 30-minute period after the afternoon session, preparing for the all important evening session.


My brain is tired. My legs are aching, My feet are throbbing. My back feels like I’ve been in a car wreck!. My eyes are red and blurry. My armpits stink. Oh my goodness!

But I feel so proud for being able to pull off the whole gigantic thing. We put on a good tournament!

One glitch! Friday late afternoon the fire alarm went off [thanks to one stupid, stupid vendor who pulled his cook wagon — without permission — into the wood shop and set off the smoke detectors.] I sprang from the score table, motioned for Pauline to score for me, raced across the gym and the commons to the office [yelling, “Don’t evacuate the building!”] called the dispatch center in Evanston on my cell phone while I ran to the office and the central fire alarm panel. Mr. Limoges and I worked for at least five minutes to silence the alarm and disband the strobe system. Then I calmly hurried back into the gym and resumed my scoring seat to a round of chuckles and polite applause.

I slightly remember Mikelle and Stephen and their respective significant others helping out for one session change yesterday. And I saw Mikelle and Logan pass by the score table and wave on their way out while I was scoring my final twelth game.

I’ve been dreading this week for over a year, now. There is so much to plan for, to anticipate, to coordinate. So many details. So many decision. So much to schedule. Oh my goodness.

[And although neither the girls’ nor boys’ team from my town won, son, Scott’s, team from Pinedale HS took first place! YAY! They are an awesome team this year! Good luck to them at State!]

We survived. It’s over. I can return to the living.

I am woman!

2 thoughts on “oh my goodness; it’s over!

  1. camille

    Oh My Goodness!! (that’s an understatement!) I always knew you were a WOMAN. What I don’t get is why you keep worrying about ME being so busy. Holy COW. Yah, I am glad this is not a weekly thing.

    The vacation sounds great. You deserve a vacation-not because you LOOK tired, just because.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Well, Scott and Andie have plans to go to Mexico again. They love it there. And I want to spend time with them. I’m not much of a sun person or a heat person, but I love THEM, so I’m going. Scott knows his way around everywhere so it makes it very easy to travel with him. And I can’t wait to see the ruins again. They’re simply breath taking!

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