oh, so very random

I’m not sure how this ever finally happened but hubby has just cut out at least seven darling crafts for me to work on and paint and love. [I’m married to a carpenter for Pete’s sake, but he hardly ever cuts for me!] He has measured cut and mitered for the last two hours [I love the smell of cut wood!] and I am giddy with excitement. Now I can make the big framed heart w/chicken wire I stole from Tracy years ago. Mikelle has been wanting one ever since she stole it from me and I stole it back. If only I had my camera here, you’d truly understand how cute this project is!

[Stephen took the camera to Mexico yesterday for the bonding Guy-Cruise made up of Scott, Cameron, and Steeevo.] [Interesting story about the camera — but that’s another post. Or is it? I’ll just say that Bridget bought the camera for Stephen for graduation. He broke up with her and needed money so he offered to sell it to me for $50 [worth much more but he was desperate] and hubby upped the bid to $75 and took it right out from under my nose. But I bought a new charger, new memory card and connections to the computer, so I believe with all my heart that it is at least half mine.]


Forget about the manicure, I’m going to paint and sand and stain until the cows come home. Oh dear. I’ve used that phrase twice recently and I don’t want to analyze why, but it is now suddenly worrisome to me.

I’ll never tell Mrs. E about this because she will ask, “And how does that make you feel?”

Oh my gosh! As if I don’t have enough to worry about without thinking this might be related to my emotional or psychological well-being.

I kid you not. The other day I said “This desk is only about 3/4 inch so we’ll have to be careful how long of screw to put in it.” And she said, “Does that make you feel smart? How do you feel right now? I would feel smart if I said something like that. Do you feel smart?”


[I’m going to go paint now . . .]

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