life feelz


orion is in the sky at 8 pm
it dips below the southern horizon for the rest of the night
that’s why i can’t find it in the early morning
it’s safe and sound

i don’t need to get so down on myself
i don’t need to get so frantic about my fluctuating weight
all balances out in a few days

even though i was sick and miserable wedneday and thursday
this morning i feel great
i have on my new eddie bauer top
it’s darling
i have on my size ten jeans
they feel great

scott was right

i ate healthy yesterday
i treated myself like i matter
i’ve already exercised this morning, abs and arms

i’m going to logan to visit mikelle

i got my bedroom cleaned
it only took 20 minutes
i slept with the window open
it was crisp and cool

i washed three batches of laundry
hubby did the dishes again
he’s done them all for over a month

life is good t-shirts could make a shirt about my life


cuz life feelz good again!