that’s 1-800-drlaura

Ok. Truth Tube.

I officially will have to lie about my weight or not post it at all.

The only good thing I’ve managed is I shopped yesterday and bought fruits and veggies, yogurt, frozen fruit bars, whole wheat and spinach wraps, 1% milk, Fiber One cereal, Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread [oops, and a raspberry/white chocolate chip scone] eggs, and low-fat string cheese so it would appear I’m making good food choices — but, um, yah, there’s a big struggle going on [again!]

It’s Saturday morning and I have no excuses. No stress, no work. And I can make it through the day without blowing it — if I stay focused.

Yesterday on my little ‘craft run’ to Ogden [Quilted Bear, Home Depot, Michael’s, Robert’s, Lowe’s — yes I drove 120 miles to Ogden to buy the letter ‘R’ to match some other wood letters I bought in SLC last week] — so on my trip — I made a mental list of good or healthy things I had done for myself. I thought If I can do 5.five.5 a day, that would be good, wouldn’t it? [Ten would be better!] Surely that would make a difference in how I eat or treat myself. So I started ticking them off:

  1. ate an 2 oranges
  2. ate three hard boiled eggs
  3. wore a cute outfit, took extra time getting ready for work
  4. went to Ogden/started a craft project — developing/sharing talents
  5. bought healthy food

I listened to Dr. Laura all the way. A caller called in about her weight and Dr. Laura gave it to her about being weak, making excuses and being bored. It really hit me where I live [and where I eat!] Dr. Laura said discipline gets boring. The little kid in us wants to revert back to eating junk and being careless with our health and being spoiled and self-centered. Instead we have to do the opposite. We have to think clearly and logically about what we eat and how we move. Sure we want to eat a slice of cake or a peanut and butter and jam sandwich or a hot fudge — all those comfort foods that made us feel like our Mom loved and adored us when we were six. But we are the Mom now. We are our own Mom so we need to [give ourselves love and protection] extend to ourselves that same feeling of love and adoration that we felt at age six. Only now, we need to feed ourselves steamed broccoli and braised salmon and pomegranates and Greek yogurt and spinach and whole grains and walnuts and one piece of dark, dark cacao. That’s what someone eats when they love themselves!

OK, Dr. Laura. I’m so ready to have a good day. I’m so ready to see those numbers go down.

[Trying very hard to be honest, although I can hardly stand it today! But I’m going to camouflage it so only I will know how far I’ve failed this week.]