what i did instead of stuffing

OK. For your eyes only!

It’s 8:30 p.m. and I just did 40 push ups and 100 ab exercises, a combination of sit ups, the plank, core rolls, the superman and recumbent toe touches.

Haven’t done them for weeks! I finally made myself get off the couch!

Feel so dang good!

Tonight — the first time in a long time — I’ve resisted all TV-watching-junk-food. No ‘low-calorie’ Swiss cheese [it’s all gone!] No 95% fat free kettle corn. No dark and bitter cacao! No chips from the top of the fridge [again, all gone!]

Just two apples and an orange.

Don’t know where the intestinal fortitude came from to do it right tonight; I’m just tickled it came at all.

[Yay! I’m not a total hypocrite today!]

One thought on “what i did instead of stuffing

  1. tracy

    Woo-hoo! I stayed up late sewing my new bathroom curtains, then at about 12:30 I ate a big bowl of ice cream so I could study Erikson’s writings without falling asleep. Not so good on my end!

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