This is such a special day to all of us. Mikelle’s birthday! She’s all grown up at 21! I wish I could have driven to Logan to surprise her but I was just there three days ago and gave her hugs and a little crafty gift from our favorite shop. We tried to talk her into going and getting a really good blender for this summer, smoothies, crushed ice, etc., but she said “I don’t really want a blender for my birthday!” [I had to italicize four words in that sentence to give an accurate sense of her emphatic statement.]

If I had to sum up all my feelings about her in one thought it would be this:

You are nothing short of our everything!

I wanted two more kids. I knew I had two more kids, but I had gone through a really nasty divorce [actually a really nasty marriage, too] and when I remarried, I had Stephen at age 36 and then Mikelle 18 months later at age 38. These two have been such a joy [a teensy bit of heartache along the way] and such a blessing.


They are both grown up and I’m proud to be their Mom. I have no clue where the time went! It’s seems very recently they were both in diapers, both in elementary school, both in middle school and then both in high school. I have loved every minute of raising Stephen and Mikelle.


Here she is in a beautiful blessing dress Yvonne Warnick made for her.

Several other granddaughters have been blessed in this very same dress. I’m not sure where it is now. I hope it is being taken care of, wherever it is so that other baby girls can wear it.

BTW! Breaking news! Mikelle and Logan are preggers!


My favorite of all her school pics!

Such a cute kid. I just went through a bunch of albums and enjoyed all the memories that went along with the pictures. I remember Lisa Bradshaw fixed Mikelle’s hair that morning. Being a working Mom all through their lives, I wasn’t home most morning when they got up and went to school. Lisa was a very good neighbor and did many motherly things for both these two.


This might not be her favorite picture. Before braces. Still cute!


I know exactly where this picture is taken. At our favorite fishing hole
at Green River Lakes!


Same place. Different guy. Different hole.
This is the only guy that matters now!


Same guy. Different place. No hole.


Graduation Day!


At age about 14, I think. It’s the year she absolutely had to have a guitar. I’m pretty sure she has carried it around for the past seven or so years but never learned to play it. Someday . . . there’s still time!


Total goofballs! But notice the very expensive teeth!


Love you!!!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

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  1. tracy

    The dress is at my house, carefully hung up and protected for any future granddaughters to wear.

    Happy Birthday to MY Mikelle…she is mine, you know…I named her, doesn’t that make her mine?

  2. camille

    Happy Birthday Mikelle! I am sooo proud of you and so happy for you at this special and fun time in your life. You were always one of my favorite “little cousins”. I absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to love and spoil you during the summers when you were little, and have loved watching you grow up! You are such a beautiful woman and you’ll be a great mama! Love You So Much!

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