slow learner

It’s April 23rd and we got three inches of snow! It was driving, blinding snow this morning but has finally settled on fluttering snowflakes falling to earth. I shoveled snow for an hour to clear the sidewalks but, now, at 1:00 pm, it’s mostly slushy, annoying, muddy guck. You know the kind that marks your pants when you climb in and out of the car. I call that the Wyoming birthmark!

Oh well. It’s moisture. It’s snow in the mountains. It’s exactly what we need! I’m not about to try to second guess God. [It absolutely drives me bonkers to hear so many people say “I don’t care if it snows in the mountains as long as it doesn’t snow down here.” I think, Seriously? We’re in the mountains. We are at 6700 feet altitude lady!] [Sorry, I just had to get that out.] So what, you don’t care if it snows in the mountains? Are you giving God permission to let it snow or what? [I guess I’m still not over it!]

Anyhoo –it’s a little frustrating trying to move snow without the door on the front of the Bobcat. Here’s what happened in March. [I wrote this in our March family letter]:

Funny story. [Not really!] Last week when I was through moving snow I drove over to the maintenance building to put the Bobcat away and was trying to get the remote to open the door. I thought I must not be close enough, so I opened the door just enough to get my hand and the remote out to activate the switch. Then I realized I was actually at the wrong door and the door just to the right of me was going up and down like crazy. So I pulled my hand back in, lifted the blade and C!R!U!N!CH! The front door of the Bobcat rolled up like a burrito and I was stuck in there. Yah, I started to cry. Luckily I had my cell hone [not a day goes by that I don’t thank Scott for it] and I called a maintenance guy to get me out. He did and I survived. But now they are making me use it without the front door and it is mighty cold and wet! I wrap up in a big rubber raincoat and goulashes much like on the high sea, and plow away.

But this morning I shoveled and shoveled and, you guessed it, shoveled.

This has been a great exercise week. Five days in a row, Monday through Friday, and also moving snow. That’s got to burn some calories. Know what I remembered when I was doing it? Know what I finally figured out?

I remembered hearing you I need to exercise three to four times a week to MAINTAIN your my weight. You I need to exercise five to six times a week to LOSE weight.

Why had I forgotten that? Last summer when I was losing I was exercising lots more than I have been the past couple months. No wonder I’ve been at a standstill!  That’s why they [who is they?] say you have to continue exercising if you want to maintain your weight loss. Too many people lose and then go back to all those nasty habits.

Me included. I’ve only been exercising 2-3 times a week!

Alrighty then. New day! New way!

Yah, I’m a slow learner. But finally to 143. Much better than 146 where I’ve been stuck for a while. And I feel great!