spring break

We had an awesome Challenge Day at school today. All of the classes from 8th grade to 12th and Staff members challenged each other in various sports and talents. We had goat milking, roping, basketball, football throw, music competition, skateboarding, weight lifting, Pictionary, swimming, bowling, archery, marksmanship, Frisbee golf, tug of war, Quiz bowl, cheering, relay race, and more, I’m sure, if I could only remember. Staff won by five points. That’s three years in a row for us old guys! Yay!

It’s the beginning of Spring Break. We have until right this very minute [4-3-10] to the 12th. Ten glorious days! Scott and Andie are here for the weekend and then I’m heading to Idaho for part of next week. There is something totally necessary about Spring Break. Especially since this is the first year in about forever that we will still be going to school the first week of June!

Gotta mention I was 143 this morning. Woohoo! Hoping I’ve got this figured out, but I will likely blow it again. Maybe I will be able to figure it out sooner next time.

I went to the PO this morning to pick up the school newspapers and saw a sign on the bulletin board. It was for losing weight with a 12-step program. They had a web site that I took a peek at and thought, no, not for me. I’m not to that point yet. I’m sure it’s a great program. I’ve also heard the Church addiction recovery program is well put together and anyone can benefit from using the program they’ve developed. But me? I’m too private [puzzling I would say that, since I’m blogging about it right now.] I don’t want to talk to other people about my frustrations and failures and back slides.

Seriously, I’m saying it in my mind and typing this, wondering where it’s coming from. How can I be so private and so public at the same time? I feel both, strongly!

Anyhoo, 143. The plastic is doing wonders. I highly recommend digging out the old retainers if you’ve got some hidden in the back of a drawer. I have exercised four times this week and I’m looking forward to a good, healthy weekend.

Goal: 141 on April 12th.