a little behind, and no, not mine

Seven of my ten fingernails have been super glued for the past week. They break and I paste them back together. Last time I couldn’t find any super glue, so I used Gorilla Glue. Usually I file down the glue and make it nice and smooth and then repaint them, but I haven’t had time for all the niceties.

So they are u.g.l.y.

I have been eating garbage for two weeks. I used to shop for healthy food, take time to prepare it and make sure I was with the plan. I used to enjoy posting about my success and how I was doing. Now my fridge is nearly empty and I’ve just been going through the cupboards eating whatever I could find. Not good! [Remember the popcorn with grated cheese on it!]

Now I’m f.a.t. again. [Way up. 146 again.]

I had been keeping up with the house and laundry, but Mikelle came last weekend and had to clean the entire upstairs. She couldn’t stand how dusty it was and I hadn’t vacuumed for two weeks since Scott and Andie were here on May 3.

I feel like a s.l.o.b.

Exercise? I did one day last week. Monday. I did one day this week. Monday. I start strong and then peter out by Tuesday! Is peter out really a term?

Yes it is. I knew my dad always used to say that all the time. I just looked it up.

p.e.t.e.r.e.d.  o.u.t.

So I’m all f.l.a.b.b.y. again, too. It seriously doesn’t take long! Two weeks of lazy, and it shows!

I’m not trying to be negative here; I just need to see this in black and white and [light brown] and get on the ball. I need to re-focus and think clearly before I eat something, or choose to watch TV instead of burn calories.

My car has needed washing for two weeks as well. Our road is muddy and wet and bumpy and miserable.



I haven’t figured out the checkbook.

I need to do laundry.

I need to box up and take a ton of things to D.I.[Maybe if I wait long enough I’ll just grow back into all those size 12-14-16’s that I need to get rid of!] [JK]

I need to clean the basement. [that’s not going to happen.]

I need to do the yard.


I’ve got 37 Enumerator Questionnaires to look over and correct and seven pay sheets to check, and I’ve already spent five hours on Census stuff. I think I’ll just watch one episode of NCIS, and then go to bed.

But that’s how I got here in the first place. Trying to do too much and not really doing anything.



It will be a better day tomorrow.