Made my own b.l.o.o.m blocks today. :] I’m so dang happy!


I know my greens don’t match but I love this little wall frame.


Mine [top view] are a little different than the originals, but still very cute.
My green is darker and my pink is lighter, but the floral is just the same!

Can’t even begin to explain what it took to get that cute floral paper. I called the gal who made them in the first place. Begged her to tell me where she got the paper . . .  this after me trying to use some other paper last week that just didn’t say ‘bloom’. It was striped and checked, and wrong! Same colors, but wrong. I have to have the font, the paper, the color all speaking to me about the total project. If they don’t all work together, they sit in the basement for the next ten years.


See. These do not speak to me!

After telling me where she got the paper, I called the store, begged the owner to look through all her stuff; she found six papers, and we made arrangements to get them to me.

Mikelle was going to be driving near that store on Saturday. She was on her way to Ogden to take her [YAY] final test. The lovely owner of the store took the papers to Smith’s grocery store’s gas station with instructions for the attendant to give them to Mikelle the following morning at 7 a.m. as she passed through town.

What cheerful and helpful over-the-top customer service! I later found out she was business person of the year for the whole town and I’m somehow not even surprised! She even said I could mail the check!

Mikelle took the test and then drove to Lyman to give me the papers. Oh, she came to visit her dad, too, and to see her friends but mostly to bring me those darling floral scrapbook papers so I could b.l.o.o.m.

While I crafted, Mikelle cleaned the house. And then I filled up her car with gas, bought water, cranberry grape juice, rum lifesavers and she was on her way back to Logan to watch her guy play in his semi-pro FB game this evening.

And I’m here to tell you I’m one happy crafter! I cut and sanded enough wood to make four more sets of bloom blocks and will be giving them for wedding presents this summer. I’m not sure anyone else will love them like I do, but that’s the risk you take when you send me a wedding invite!


I love the popular saying “bloom where you’re planted” although it is WAY over used, but these little blocks say the whole thought without all the words!

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