census satisfaction

It’s been so long! Too long.

I’ve been working about 60-70 hours for the last two weeks and I’m pooped . .. and a little dismayed at the whole situation.

And I’ve not been taking particularly good care of myself. I think I’m trying to see what I can get away with and the answer to that is n.o.t.h.i.n.g. It all eventually shows up somewhere, either in lack of sleep, a dirty house, extra weight, cavities, dark circles, smelling couch cushions and poor quality work. At both my jobs.

Scott called the other day and made me laught though. That lightened the load! He said:

“CENSUS Sensibility.” I said what?

He repeated and then spelled it out for me Sense and Sensibility and I laughed out loud. Next was “I hope he CENSUS some money.” I said I do too!

“I can CENSUS discomfort.”

Ha ha ha! Yah, he looks pretty uncomfortable. [Are you with me?]

“No CENSUS getting our shorts tied in a knot!”

There are seemingly many variarionts of this phrase, such as “don’t get your knickers in a knot” and “don’t get your underwear in a bunch.”  One might wonder, who in the world came up with this? After all, how would one get one’s underwear twisted in the first place — putting them on too fast? the washing machine did it? And is one walking around all uncomfortable with a wedgie, or is one simply having a difficult time putting on his or her underwear?

Then there’s a CENSUS satisfation. I get one when I eat right.

If you think of one, send it along! I CENSUS string of laughter coming!

[143. Ugh. And no exercise since Monday.]

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