I have had so much fun on Facebook the last couple of days. I really thought I wouldn’t. I really thought it was stupid. I really hated seeing the F word right there on my screen when I would see someone else’s messages. And it seemed people were always airing their dirty laundry and blasting someone else and swearing. So many people were breaking up and lying and exaggerating and just plain being stupid.

But guess what!

Mikelle set me up last Friday. Thursday or Friday. I don’t know. And I have found so many of my high school friends on there. People I haven’t heard from in forty years! So so fun!

Kind of crazy though, to have 118 Facebook emails in a day!

Why didn’t I go to my class reunion last summer? I should have gone! Can’t do that over, so I’ll just have to remember that I have friends and acquaintances and it will be fun. I shoulda woulda coulda! I think I actually was afraid no one would know me!

Well I proved that wrong.

Most of the people I’ve found are mature, self-assured, fun, interesting, honest, capable, and caring. None of that teen stuff for me. I’ve deliberately avoided all those friend-request from anyone under thirty!

And we don’t talk about weight!