I’m totally and completely in love with my pillow! I’ve realized it on many an occasion, but last night I fell in love all over again.

It’s an unassuming little thing. All scrunchy and pliable and adaptable. I can fold it or roll it or lay it flat and it fits perfectly in the little place between my shoulder and check. I love lying flat and putting a firmer pillow between my legs to align the old spine.

Here’s what I don’t get — and pardon if you you are one of these guys — how someone can sleep with three pillows propped under their head so that it’s bent to at least a 90 degree angle and in an almost upright position. Hubby sleeps like that and I say no wonder you have a headache all day long. No wonder your spine’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg! Fifty years of sleeping like that!

My little wonder used to be much bigger! I remember the day I saw it in the goose-down pillow bin that was as tall as the entire wall at JCPenny in Ogden. My first thought was who in their right mind would spend $70 on a stupid feather pillow when a $5 pillow from Wal-Mart would do the trick. Surely I could not justify spending that much money on myself! But I read the description and realized I did have $70 that particular day and I’d think about it. I kept returning from the shoe department, from the Misses department, from housewares to read the sign and to feel the pillow. And I finally walked over to the bin, grabbed a pillow and paid for it in one quick movement so I wouldn’t have to think about the ridiculous splurge another minute.

And I’ve never regretted it. I take this pillow with me where ever I go. Oh, I admit I’ve forgotten it a few times and regretted that! One trip to Tracy’s I had to sleep on Keziahs little car pillow with the cute Mary Engelbreit fancy-shoe pillowcase. I’ve slept on little stuffed animals and the fluffy stuffed horsie. But on the rare occasion when I forget mine, I’m usually able to find the flattest pillow in the house and get a good night’s rest.

Sometime in the middle of the night, last night, I thought I heard Oprah admonishing me to get rid of the pillow. You know Oprah and her mite fears! She’s all about throwing out the mattresses and pillows once a year because they contain untold billions of the little critters. She can afford it!

She’s also the same woman who likes to change her sheets every two days! I dare not let anyone know how long those have been on my bed! She’d have to do a show on women who don’t change their sheets for two months!

It’s Saturday  morning — 5 a.m. and after a restful night’s slumber I’m cleaning, washing laundry, and doing dishes. Three weeks of my regular 45-hours-a-week job and my temporary 30-hours-a-week US Census job, have wreaked havoc with the cleaning schedule and it’s past time for a little Spring cleaning!

I might even wash the bedding.