gotta lotta

No excuses.

Getting back to business!

Have somehow managed to exercise TWO days in a row and I’m heading to the weight room right now. I’ve got to put me first. I know that sounds selfish but when I do other things first, I end up gaining weight. Since Scott, Andie and I are going to Mexico in less than a month, I’d better be thinking of that 24/7. Otherwise I’ll be miserable.

And since I’ve learned firsthand — thirty times in a row — that it only takes a couple weeks of negligence to lose all the progress of a whole month, I’m going to have to double-step my resolve in order to be where, what, how I want to be and feel.

[I did mess up again last night when hubby brought out the meat lover’s pizza and brownies. Really, how could he?]

But today, I’m getting on it. Today I’m determined. Today is a new day. [I don’t know if I can really convince myself of that since it’s really only Wednesday.]

  • I’ve got work from 5-10
  • Census meeting 10-11
  • Back to work 11-2
  • Driving a bus 2:30-4
  • Census report due at 3 [I’m not sure how that’s going to happen if I’m on a school bus!]
  • Taking care of a recital at 6 in the Performing Arts Center
  • Financial meeting at 7
  • Lot’s of Census papers to correct tonight

See how I get lost in here.

Gotta make some phone calls and see what I can change.

Something’s gotta give.

[147 sometime last week.
146 by Monday
144 yesterday
145 this morning because of pizza and 2 brownies.]

143 tomorrow. Well, probably 144. See how I lost two days of progress there!

How I loved 140. How I miss 140!

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  1. weighingmatters Post author

    well, yes, but why not just go in and fix it for me? i can’t find it.

    that may be part of the problem. i’ve just been loosing it, lucy, not losing it!

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