T R A C Y !

I’m always doubly blessed when it’s her birthday because she never failing writes me a BIRTH day note! Here’s what she said this morning.

Happy Day to you! Thank you for giving me life and loving me and
singing and laughing and camping and reading and playing and hiking
and walking and swimming and driving and teaching and hugging and
rubbing and holding and braiding and rescuing and cooking and feeding
and shopping and laughing and loving some more.

I am so grateful to have you for my mom and to journey through this
life together!

See what I mean!

This daughter is very dear to me. She has been so fun to raise and watch as she grows and learns how to raise her own little family. She has made some hard choices in her life which have drawn some ridicule but I’m so proud of the way she sticks with her convictions and continues on her path of goodness.

She’s lots more outgoing than I have ever been. Has hardly any inhibitions at all. She thinks nothing of walking up to a total stranger and striking up a conversation and then exchanging phone numbers. Pretty soon she’s calling her her new friend and they are off to Green Canyon for swim camp. She has organized lots of drives, fund raisers, celebrations, fairs, Seders, ice skating extravaganzas and many more events — enough to make your head spin. She’s involved in many good projects and adventures, much to the amazement of those around her.

She’s supportive, loyal, true, fun, outrageous, smart, hilarious, often wet, competitive, loud, impulsive, crazy, honorable, courageous, humble, prayerful, and a little messy, to be sure.

She has lightened my load on many an occasion, lifted my spirits, cheered my heart, and comforted my sorrow. She’s encouraged me and prodded me. She’s taught me and convinced me. She’s loved me and amazed me!

One of my favorite memories of her is when we were at Green River Lakes one summer and a hiker came through the camp and visited with us for a couple hours. Apparently he was from England and was hiking the Continental Divide. He spoke with quite a strong accent and after a few minutes Tracy started talking just like he was. HUGE  English accent with lots of affectations. We, of course, were mortified and thought she was making fun of the guy, but she didn’t even knew she was doing it and continued to do so until long after he left.

She speaks in her fake accents on many an occasion. Sometimes it’s Russian, German, Scottish, Australian, or Hopi Indian.

Yah. It can drive you nuts.

Another time she was convinced I was in Idaho Falls for the day but didn’t want her to know, for some reason. And she was convinced I had gone way out of my way to conceal the fact that I was there. She thought I had turned my license plate upside down and around backwards so that she wouldn’t recognize my car. Pretty ridiculous, but her brain put all those parts together and I had a hard time convincing her I was actually in Lyman with my licence plate on correctly.



Here we are at Mikelle’s wedding.

I wish I could even begin to explain how many times we have been talking and it progressed into falling on the floor and laughing our guts out. I know there are little automatic sayings like lol and fotflol and rotflol, but in our case we really are falling on the floor laughing out loud. We laugh out loud in movies when no one else is making a sound, in church when no one is making a sound, in meetings, in stores … lots of places. Sometimes all we have to do is glance at each other — and believe me the sound we make when we are trying to not laugh is much worse than the happy sound of laughter. It turns into something happening in our noses when we try to hold it back.

Another time we were all sitting in my tent playing Rook. A few people had the toots and a few people had already laughed until they p**d. The tent did not smell good. And we laughed until we all had severe laundry situations going on.

I hope you realize what a special daughter Tracy is. And Mikelle is absolutely so completely special too. I have been so so blessed by having these two in my life. I love them both so much.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Love, Mom

PS: Here’s what she got for her birthday. She’s becoming such a sewing woman!


Both from Etsy! The crafter’s description:

These big, beautiful sunflower and rose emery pincushions will make sewing a breeze. 

In my never ending quest to create the ultimate pincushion, I took a little survey to find out the most desirable qualities in a pincushion. The top 5 were:

1. Large – room for lots and lots of pins
2. Heavy – so it doesn’t move or tip over
3. Not too deep – so needles don’t get buried inside
4. Lots of sections – for sorting different types of pins
and needles
5. Stuffed with materials that will sharpen,clean, shine 
and condition your pins.


Sew clever!