My eyes have been opened – – w.i.d.e.

Last Monday I did my first day of enumeration. I’ve been working all week in an area called Homestead and I’ve seen everything from poverty to drugs, to abuse, to unlawful acts of inebriation. Dogs are everywhere. Hundreds of barking growling, mean, jumping, charging dogs. Filth. Hoarding. Automobile junkyards. It’s crazy. It’s sad. It’s disgusting.

And right in the middle of all this chaos and sadness and loss and hopeless was a little family of seven that lived in a clean, uncluttered home with order and kindness. The young mother was polite, helpful, respectful. She was cooking a homemade meal. I loved her. I admired that she was able to make a lovely home from the little she had.

This job is a contradiction in itself. The government is spending 6 billion dollars to enumerate it’s people. It is wasteful, ridiculous, duplicitous, inconsistent. For example, my boss told me she drove to Cheyenne to have a four-hour fingerprint training and was paid over $800. $51 per Diem, mileage, hourly pay, hotel. What a waste of money. Especially when they had fingerprint training 52 miles away in Green River. I’m so frustrated.

And yet here I am, continuing to work and collecting my little paycheck. I keep thinking, if the government is throwing away money, I’m fine with them throwing it in my direction.

Hypocrite. I’m just as bad as all of them. I’m wanting to fill up my savings account so that I’m a little more prepared for what is bound, still, to be coming. What the government, itself, is causing to still be coming.

No. I’m not proud.