we have an understanding

Fisher called yesterday.

Grommer, I need you to send me a check for ten dollars. Could you please put it in an envelope and send it to me?

Sure I could do that.

Ok, Thanks, Grommer. I need a check for ten dollars in an envelope.

OK. I will put one in an envelope tomorrow and send it. It might take three of four days.

That’s OK.

I could hear his mom in the background saying, “Fisher, you cannot ask for money.”

Today his mom told me when she asked what he needed the money for he said, “Mom, that’s between Keziah and me.” Evidently she overheard them planning on buying their papa a remote controlled car or airplane or something and all the money in his bank only added up to just over $8.

So, it’s perfectly understandable that he would call. It’s OK that he calls for a little help. It’s a worthy cause.

And I so adore this guy.


Tell me what Grommer wouldn’t send this little red-head a ten dollar check! Especially when he said, right before he hung up, “Grommer, could you also put in two dollars or something for Annesy?”

Oh, melt my heart!