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We did a quick Lagoon Day on Monday. Somehow we made arrangements, many of them last-minute, and headed to the city. Mother Nature was on her best behavior and provided 75 degrees — not too hot for us Wyomingites — and just enough cloud cover to sustain a pleasant breeze throughout the day. Some would argue Lagoona Beech and Rattlesnake Rapids were a bit chilly but after a few minutes in the water, everyone yelled “You’ll get used to it, really” so we all got wet.

Every little ride with my grandchildren brought such thorough and complete joy. I loved watching Annes and Fish and listening to the conversation between the two of them. I loved how protective big brother Fisher is and how he helps and encourages Annes. I loved watching him lift her into the airplanes and the cars and the boats. I loved that Fisher rode with me on the Dragon — twice. I loved holding their little hands. I loved how they were OK spending time with me at Kiddyland while their mom got in a few rides of her own with the big kids. I loved that Blythe and Andie got to spend some time together. I loved that Scott, Logan and Stephen had fun together — and that Shelby showed up and gave Stephen a big hug.

I loved that we had a picnic lunch out by the cars on a little grassy knoll. We’re so thrifty. I love the whole story of how Tracy got six free tickets so she could bring her family — yet another miraculous last minute happening. [Why she doesn’t write a book, I’ll never understand!] I love that the stroller was still in the same spot that I lost it — an hour earlier — when apparently it was left in my care.

It was a wonderful, truly enjoyable day with so many of us there. Those kinds of days are few and far between and I will enjoy and remember and cherish.








Love, love, LOVE my family! [Love the pic of Annes in Uncle Scott’s hat and glasses while he hit the slides!]



And THAT’S what fun is!

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