This is an amazing day.

A friend of mine is being baptised this evening.

Why is it amazing? People are baptised every single day. b.u.t. this woman has been bitter and anti-church for most of her life. People were actually rude and abusive to her as she grew up in this small-mostly LDS valley. They made fun of her family and excluded her on many an occasion.

She was fond of saying I believe there will be a whole lot of people in heaven who lived good lives, whether they are LDS or not. And I believe there will be a whole lot of people who don’t get to heaven whether they are LDS or not.

She saw hypocrisy all around her . . . those who acted less than perfectly but exuded an attitude of perfection and ‘being better than.’

So why now?

Personal circumstances have a way of forcing a person to their knees. And finding direction. Finding answers. I don’t pretend to know all that has taken place in her life the past six months or so, but I have seen a softened heart and a comforted spirit. I’m so happy for her and pray for her continued determination, commitment and guidance.

I will be there tonight as our entire boy’s basketball team sings at her baptism. I’ll be there to cheer for her and pray with her. I’ll be there to witness this transformation from old to new, and broken to healed.

Thank you, Lord, for this miracle in all of our lives. It’s wonderful to see and acknowledge His hand.

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