Well, I’m ready for results. Good results. No, great results. Just waiting for my body to figure it out. And I can’t afford to take chances with even a teensy-weensy little off-track binge. So I’m holding tight and hoping tomorrow will be the day it shows up.

I’m finding out I can eat dang healthy, exercise five days, but just by not getting enough rest and having all-over body aches resulting from 70+ hours of work last week, it messes up the scale. I’m finding out that if I don’t get enough water to wash away all the waste and chemicals and left-overs, it messes up the scale.

What else could it be?

I had a great week! I resisted so many things. I was proud of myself.

But nothing on the scale. Still 144.

So I’m giving it another day before I have an all night binge of pizza, ice cream and cookie dough.


I’m not going to do that at all. I just bought $120 of good healthy food and lots of healthy snacks for the week. So hellOOO! I’m ready when you are, Mr. Detecto Scale.


Seriously, it’s dang hard when I’m doing everything right and my body is still making me pay for something that I did a couple of weeks ago.