Reasons I don’t want to ever attend a 12-step program:

  • I don’t like to touch. I don’t like to hug.
  • I don’t want others to know about me or my problems.
  • I don’t want to even admit to myself that I have compulsions and addictions.
  • I want to work this out myself.
  • I don’t want to know about other people’s stuff.
  • I don’t want to talk, because then I always regret.
  • I don’t want to pray. I don’t feel deserving to pray.
  • I don’t want to be uncomfortable.
  • I don’t want to appear weak.
  • I don’t want to cry in front of anyone.
  • I don’t want to start something I know I won’t finish.
  • I’ve done these kinds of programs before and really dislike all the drama.
  • Reasons I probably should attend this 12-step program:

  • It’s the Church’s recommended program to deal with compulsions and addictions.
  • Something that keeps catching my attention:

  • My life feels so unmanageable.