muchos entusiasmo

What a fun, exciting, enjoyable, spectacular vacation!


Andie and I went para-sailing in the Caribbean! [This is just the take-off. We went much higher than this!] We were up so high we could see the little island over by Cancun and Cozumel at the very same time. Definitely one of the highlights of the week! We swam in the most crystal-clear blue, warm water! With the finest, whitest sand I’ve ever seen! Beautiful! [Yes, it was a topless beach. Yes we saw some boobie. Some really ugly boobie! And there were many people who had no business wearing a bikini! Yuk! Others . . . Andie and I just kept saying, “Why even bother?” Pretty skimpy. About the size of a band-aid!]

One day we took the ferry over to Cozumel and shopped for the day! Got my Hard Rock Cafe shirt!


We also did plenty of walking and sightseeing. We found Wal-Mart and a Mega grocery store very close by. Shopping on 5th Street in Playa was so entertaining and Andie got some great bargains. We also went to Chichen-Itza to revisit the ruins. And gotta say the most wonderful day was at Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium in the world.


This was a morning ’til night extravaganza. We snorkeled, cliff-jumped, [ME! I jumped off every single cliff we came to! A couple were pretty dang high!] tubed, snorkeled some more, laid and read in hammocks, ate . . . boy howdy what a spread. They served all-you-can-eat meals all day long. We saw over 200 iguanas .  . . so many we actually quit counting, and if you know me, that’s something for the books because I count everything. There were dolphins, and so many thousands of incredibly beautiful fish everywhere. Andie and I couldn’t stop with the snorkeling! She spotted a ray which scared us half to death! A half-dozen other snorkelers came to investigate and sure enough, it was a huge sting ray down below us about six feet, burying in the sand. But everything else was turquoise, green, black and yellow-striped, white, silver gorgeous fish. They were right next to us. Hundreds and hundreds at a time! We explored in and out of underwater caves and reefs and hide-outs and shooed the fish towards each other for a better look. W.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l! There were also turtles, birds, parrots, and manatees.


Chichen-Itza is an incredible and awesome experience. The Chichen Itza archaeological site is the most visited Mayan site on the peninsula. Eighteen structures have been restored over the years. Pyramid Kukulcan is the tallest of them and allows a view from the top of all Chichen Itza. During the Spring and Fall equinoxes, (March 21 & Sept 21) the setting sun creates shadows down the steps of the pyramid that resemble a snake descending. Here are lots of assorted pictures:






It was so fun to hang out with Andie and Scott. Late one night Andie and I snuck off to the grocery store for ice cream. We became familiar enough with Playa to go shopping alone. We swam every single day in the pools at the hotel. Most days, twice!






I am grateful for the opportunity to see a different country and culture and for spending it with two of my favorite people. Thanks for putting up with me and my senior moments which seem to come more and more frequently. I know I ask a lot of  ‘senior’ questions, but I swear it’s not to annoy anyone on purpose. [It’s only going to get worse from here on out!]


PS: We also swam in an underground cenote on the way home from Chichen-Itza. See those cliffs? A little too high for me this time. But Scott and Andie jumped right into the water full of catfish. It was a nice way to cool off from the 100 degree/95% humidity day! The sunlight is coming from up above at ground level!


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  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Thanks again. I started it last summer when I was struggling with my weight and decided to have a daily journal of getting it all back together. It was rough going and pretty ugly some days/weeks. Lately I’ve been able to write about some other things, and in the end I’ll have it all printed for a keepsake/journal. Pretty scary some days having all my feelings, fears and problems all out there, but it’s been a good experience, as well.

  2. tracy

    Awesome pictures!!!! How high was the cliff in the last one? What was your favorite part of the trip? Is parasailing amazing?

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