ok, i’m not using the song!


I am feeling a lot of pain right now.

I want to download a song that I might want to use for my lesson this coming Sunday and I am not lying about this! [Yes, perhaps, I’ve been known to lie in the past or maybe exaggerate but . . .] I have been working on it for over three hours. I’ve had Tracy on the phone encouraging me from her sick bed and telling me [guessing] what I should do in a series of steps. She kept saying, “Oh for crying out loud, it can’t be that hard! Did you try this? Did you try that?”

What I heard: “blah, blah, blah.” as I tried to picture what SHE was looking at on HER computer, but it wasn’t the same on this one, even though — we have the exact same computers.

Of course I tried this and that. I tried several hundred thisses and thats!

Earlier she said, “You could get in the car and drive to Ogden in less time.” I know that! I’ve considered it, believe me. Even though Ogden is 120 miles away and the round trip would be about four hours. Seriously, I could have been on my way home by now! Even if I had stopped at Great Harvest for a free slice!

She said, “Well something is wrong.”

YES, something is wrong. I could tell that from where I’m sitting.

I asked if I could just pay her to give me lessons. She said no.

I think she said no in a sweet way because she thought it wasn’t going to be hard and she didn’t feel good about charging her Mother to teach her something so simple.

All I know for sure is that the little CD icon is still going around on song number three and has been going around continually for over two hours. I want song number eight, wouldn’t you know it.

I said “I think God is trying to tell me not to use the song.” A simple statement in and of itself. And I’m OK with that. I won’t use the song. My lesson will be fine without it, even though it’s a great song and I would have loved to use it . . .

Then the stinger. She said “Don’t judge God by your inadequacies.”


I am feeling a lot of pain right now.

[I’m kidding. You know I’m kidding, right? No actual pain going on here!]

5 thoughts on “ok, i’m not using the song!

  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Well, it’s past 8 pm but I finally have the download! I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I did burn it on a disc. We’ll see. Tracy did one and it took her 47 seconds. s.i.g.h.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    YES! I’m so happy! It took most of the day so something’s up . . . but this morning I downloaded newer software for iTunes. Maybe that will help. Do you do the upgrades every time they appear?

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