on the verge

OK. Whatever!

I’m through with 140. I’m deciding right here, right now, to be OK with 145. Tired of beating myself up over a couple of pounds. I’ve been 143 for several days and that feels great but I don’t let myself feel great for long, because I keep pushing myself for 140-141 [my Weight Watcher’s Goal.]

I ran to Mikelle’s for a haircut, some fertilizer and undies. Also got a few things for our trip to Mexico next week. It’s dang hard finding clothes that are modest, comfortable, cheap and flattering. Apparently the four prerequisites automatically cancel each other out by mere definition. So I got a couple pair of capri’s at Sam’s Club and one pair of shorts at WM. I still have some summer things from last year, so that will have to do. I have a hard time spending good money on myself. I’d much rather have the money.

We had fun though. Went to a movie, [Last Song] dinner at a little Mexican place — tortilla soup! We got three little baby outfits and diapers at Sam’s, some maternity shorts at JCP and two tops at Motherhood Maternity. But just saying this doesn’t express by half, the amount of fun we had trying them on. And laughing our guts out! I can say without reservation that the most fun I’ve had with both my girls probably happened within the walls of dressing rooms! Oh the memories.

Bath and Body Works was having a 60% off sale. Run, don’t walk, to that sale today! Lotion for $4 instead of $10! Awesome!

And of course we went to a darling little craft shop that I love. I have to go there every single time I go to Logan. This time, however, we went three times. Cute, cute cute!


I swear, every single time I go there I buy something from this vendor!

I’m ready for summer and it’s raining like crazy. In fact it was snowing [SNOWING! on the 12th of June] as I came home over the Sisters this morning! But instead I’ll clean and pack and get ready for our vacation and clean out the car. I’ve got plenty to do! Maybe the rain will keep me focused. I’ve got laundry and dishes and dusting, oh my. And vacuuming and arranging and actually, just remembered I have a lesson to teach the Sunday after I get home from Mexico, so I need to start on that immediately. Everything else can wait!

TreasuresYucatan_MexicoHere’s where I’ll be for a week! Yay!

It feels so good to be on the verge of n.o.r.m.a.l!

4 thoughts on “on the verge

  1. camille

    I am so glad you decided that 145 is “OK”. I was just thinking the other day that I wish that 145 was acceptable to you because you’ve been there for ages, you look great, and are just as physically healthy as you would be at 140. (But I didn’t want to suggest it and sound un-supportive)

    Mikelle has the cutest belly! I am SURE you had fun finding clothes for her.

    I hope to one day go on an “exotic vacation” again, but for now I’ll just be happy for you. ;) Have fun!

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Thanks Camille! Yah, my body is telling me 145 is OK. Every time I get down to 140-141 I feel great but then end up eating, gaining and getting all upset for two weeks! I can hold my own at 143-145. You’d think a couple pounds wouldn’t have so much power over me but they have for the past year! Yes, Mikelle is looking cute. We had a blast. Part of me wishes she was my little girl again, but she’s all grown up and learning and growing. I wouldn’t wish that from her. As far as the vacation – I’m old and finally feel I can do something like this. I have all by bills paid. Only pay a couple monthly things like dish, phone, gas bill . . . so I’m ready to do a few things. But I still try to be very careful and have money in the bank for an emergency. I never want to be extravagant, wasteful or irresponsible. Too much of my dad in me, I guess.

  3. camille

    I LOVE MY HAIR!!! Mikelle does such a good job with it.

    I hope you know that I am genuinely happy for your trip. I know people who are jealous of everybody else and try to make others feel bad about having a big house or traveling or having money etc. when in reality, most of the time, if they made other choices and sacrifices instead of whining they could have the same thing. (So please don’t mistake my comment for that.) Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun….and hopefully won’t get too sunburned. (since you haven’t had much exposure in WY lately…..for some reason)

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