I don’t know where to start. Life is too big for me some days. Today.

Mikelle’s insurance was cancelled. She is having a baby and the insurance just went p.o.o.f! [It’s actually Logan’s insurance, but poof still the same.] I want to fix everything for them, but I can’t. It’s something they will have to work out for themselves.

There are floods all over the place. People’s basements and yards are under water. We had an emergency alert from our Sheriff’s department that went out over the phone system Sunday night, and sure enough, there is water everywhere.

Logan needs a job. Stephen needs a better job. Hubby wants an easier job. I’m just thankful I have a job, or three.

We have reunions galore coming up. One in July, and two in August on the same day! Seriously! The same day. And I can’t go to both of them. One in the mountains I love, and one at Bear Lake that I love! Also coming up is the July fourth celebration in Rigby/IF area which is quickly becoming a family tradition. A class reunion is on the very same weekend.

I’m heading to Mexico next week and haven’t started to pack. I don’t even have a suitcase! I keep thinking I’ll get to Utah to borrow one that I used last year. Working two nearly-full-time jobs takes most of my free time!

I need a haircut! I whacked at the top of my hair last week and lied about it. It’s pretty misshapen.

I’ve just begun a new series of classes that I’m hoping will steer me into a path of clarity and peace. I need peace. N.O.W!

Summer work at the school is overwhelming. I’ve got 68 rooms to “summer clean,” which includes stripping floors, waxing, shampooing, wall-washing, window-cleaning, light-cleaning, spraying down bathrooms, sanding and refinishing the gym floor, locker rooms, the Performing Arts Center. You name it, I’m in charge of it, and it seems we never have enough time or hands to get it done. And I have vacation days I have to take or I lose them. It’s hard to take time off when there is so much to do, but I feel like I earned those days and deserve to have the time: Inner conflict!

Couple all of this with my penchant for eating when I’m stressed. I so want to make it through a day without stress eating! And I realize the people closest to me are thinking, “Why don’t you just quit eating? Why don’t you just quit thinking about it. Why don’t you just quit weighing?”

And I so eat more, and think more and weigh more. And I come right back to the beginning.

I don’t know where to start. Life is too big for me some days. Today.