the high cost of not speaking


There is a big problem going on in the world today. It has to do with texting, emailing, and not talking face to face. Because here’s the thing. You can say something in person and most people are able to see your face, hear your voice, interpret your inflections and emphases. They can feel your spirit and emotion, and they can see a twinkle in your eye to detect if you are joking or not.

On the other hand.

Emailing and texting usually means one thing to the originator but can be interpreted [by the receiver] to mean absolutely the exact opposite of what was meant by the sender. And we all tend to interpret from our own place. We interpret from what we are individually living at that given moment. We interpret from our own chaos and dysfunction.

I have learned this on many an occasion, but just recently re-learned it as it came home to me in a very big way. There was untold angst and hurt and pain and suffering because of a lack of communication that occurred during and act of communication.

How’s that for irony?

It was because of how I interpreted something that was emailed and got a whole different message than what was sent.

And I ate a whole lot of food trying to figure it out. I tried to self-medicate and numb all the feelings and stuff the stress and hurt.

Yah, I’m back to eating better and taking better care. Starting today.

No thanks to the internet. And the cell phone. And blogging. And facebook. And all other totally artificial forms of communication.

One thought on “the high cost of not speaking

  1. Barb Post author

    Thank you. You are so right. I’ve messed up a couple of times as well when I said something and the other person thought I was mad. I’ve also misread a few emails in my time!

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