no, nothing’s wrong, well, everything’s wrong. . .

I’ve been home a couple of hours. I just read several emails and have two texts asking what’s up. It’s been ten days since my last post and several people wondered if anything is wrong. Come to think of it, Mikelle and Tracy asked me the same thing when I was in Idaho at Tracy’s house for the weekend.

Well, there are some “things wrong” but I’m not sure they are worth writing about. In fact while I was mowing a little while ago I thought of at least a hundred things that are wrong, but certainly not worthy of posting. But I thought, what the heck, I’ll just make a short list and once I see them in black and white, I’ll know better if it’s a post-worthy list.

OK. First of all I have approximately sixteen pieces of chocolate licorice lodged somewhere in my esophagus between my mouth and stomach. I got hungry on the way home and after having a particularly good and healthy day, I chose to pull off the highway, search the trunk for some nearly melted brown strips and stuff them two-by-two down my throat with relatively no chewing.

But is that worth blogging about?

Hubby told me he finished painting the back of the house while I was gone. I was both surprised and thrilled that after three years the horrifyingly ugly brick-orange in the back would match our tan with lighter trim in the front. He had said earlier on the phone that it took another 5-6 gallons of paint. However, what I found when I got home was that he mixed several [old] gallons of tan and browns together to get a color that is neither tan nor beige, but a sort of off-champagne. There are roller marks on the screens, drips on the porch, ladders propped up against the house, and a whole lot of brick-orange peeking out on the edges, the trim, the door, the shop. I’m thinking he will never be able to match that lovely color again, so it will never be completely done, ever ever ever. I will spend the rest of my mortal life in another multi-colored house.

But is that worth blogging about?

I came back from the trip to Mexico at about 148-150 pounds and worked pretty hard to get down to 145 before going to Idaho. I hopped on the scale when I came in the house and I’m 150 again. And I realized I am so sick of my weight and writing about it. I am tired of pretending I have something to say. I am tired of eating healthy for three or four days and having an all out binge and then either writing about it for the one millionth time, or pretending it didn’t happen and not writing about it.

I also read a post last week that made me, once again, realize how superficial and ridiculous my writing is. I read this paragraph:

Sometimes we treat God as if He is our last chance. We try other things to get us through life. Try to find happiness in other ways. Even try to get clean in other ways. But in reality, He is not our last chance. He is the only chance we have.

. . . and at that very moment I realized my life was right in front of my eyes, yet I continue to write about silly things that don’t really matter. I’ve never written a profound or thought-provoking paragraph in my life.

I really can’t write about that! That would make me cry. Too many emotions going on for this subject.

I spent nearly $500 this weekend and, I swear, I have just one more thing to add in my 12-step program. I’m truly out of control.

Still wondering if that is worth writing about.

I seriously had 18 comments in my comment box. When I opened it they were, every one of them, from idiots extolling the merits of Viagra Professional. Super Active ED Pack. Levitra. Zithromax.Viagra Super Active+. Tramadol. Cialis Super Active+. Cialis Professional. Viagra Super Force. Viagra.Maxaman. Cialis Soft Tabs. Cialis. Viagra Soft Tabs. Soma. VPXL. Propecia . . . and more.

There were also many new friends from foreign countries who have written their lovely comments to me, personally. Here’s just one, this from Augustine Keblish [exactly as written]:

I just want to post kindly hi and want to say thanks for enlightened I keep trying to find through the web for some kind of goodpost. like this, or at least a website. That coveredwhat i want to
Thank you.

Yes. Apparently, Augustine thinks enough of me to send a little note. Poor Augustine can’t speak English, spell or type, but he cared enough to write. <g>

Can’t believe I wrote about that!

Then there is the trouble I’m having with teaching my RS lesson. Last Sunday I thought I had a very good lesson. I had prepared, studied, prayed, prepared more, made visuals, made posters, taken a beautiful presentation for the table, and not one person, not even a single person, made a comment. Here’s what I wrote on facebook about it:

Dorothy Smith Pitts is still wondering what happened on Sunday during my RS lesson. Not one person made a comment or asked a question. I was mortified, embarrassed and so uncomfortable. If I hadn’t handed out four parts for others to read, there would have been no other speaking whatsoever. Miserable standing up there making a fool of myself! Ugh! Talk about humiliating!

That was pretty devastating, but I got a few comments back telling me to not worry about it, so I’m not going to. Still nothing to write about.

My stupid lawnmower is twenty five-years old and hubby and I are having a war — each of us trying to hold out and not buy a new one. I think he should buy one, he thinks I should. I bought the washer and dryer. I also bought a washer a dryer for Mikelle and Logan when they got married. He bought the stove. He also was out of work for three and a half months for his knee replacement. So it’s a stand-off. Back to the stupid lawn mower . . . Every single time I went over a bump [we have lots of roots in the yard] or changed the speed from slow to normal, the bag flew off. I got so dang mad I actually said a swear word out loud. I finally finished the lawn without the grass catcher and now I’m really mad. Tons of grass laying all over the lawn and now tracked into the house.

Still not post-worthy.

The new census operation isn’t what I thought it might be. I was so looking forward to making a bunch of moola but it’s only going to last three weeks and so far I was gone the first five days. Starting tomorrow at 5 a.m. I’m going to be sanding down, re-painting and re-finishing the gym and I really won’t have much time to work for the census. I’m only going to be here four days, then off to another three day reunion. My census boss is getting frustrated with me!

I so wanted to weight 140 for this reunion. But how do you spell s.a.b.o.t.a.g.e?

Yah, my life is driving me nuts: my weight, my yard, my house, my basement, my jobs, my lack of real comments, my marriage, my lawnmower, my budget, so many things.

Also: the chips I bought for my chocolate chip pumpkin bars melted on the way home.

And: I left my favorite pillow in Idaho.

As well: I wrecked on Tracy’s bike and have a bruise from my right knee up into my thigh.

Can’t forget: Hubby let the horses into the yard so there’s piles of poo all over the back.

And last:  I came home to three burned out lights. Seriously? Could someone else change a light once in a while?

That’s why I haven’t posted in ten days! I really have nothing to say.

I’d absolutely love to have a guest poster! If anyone has something of interest, please send it my way and I’ll hook you up to my wordpress settings!

[Oh. And I haven’t seen Orion all summer. Not since last winter when I noticed it one night in the southern sky near the horizon. That pretty much sums up my whole life right now.]

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  1. Tami

    Dang! Well, just wanted to let you know that I’ve missed your posts!! I check here often and actually really liked reading about what’s going on… whether you think it’s postworthy or not! Can’t wait to see all 150 or whatever of you in a few days! :)

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