excuses, excuses . . .

Time for business. Time for serious get-back-to-work kind of business.

Apparently I’ve given myself some time off. I’ve given myself a little mini-vacation from eating/caring/doing healthy.

And I haven’t shopped.

I went to Mexico in mid-June. When I came home there were a few things in the fridge that hubby had bought. Then I stayed a few days and went to Idaho for the Fourth. I bought lots of groceries there — most of them healthy — but when I got home, still nothing in the house. Then I worked like crazy on the gym 14-16 hours a day and didn’t have time to shop. Next was the family reunion, which I did buy a few things for . . . but my assignment was two kinds of cookie bars, so nothing healthy there. But Scott and Andie and I filled up a cooler on the way. Got home Sunday evening and still nothing in the fridge or cupboards.

Monday night sweet Andie said, “Grandma, are you planning anything for dinner and if you are is there anything I can help you with?” I said, “I don’t cook anymore.” She said, “You don’t? Well what do you eat?” I said what ever there is. I just ate a bowl of cereal a few minutes ago.”

I ran and got a pizza.

Next day they went to the grocery store and Andie called me from Benedict’s. “Grandma, is there anything we can get at the grocery store for you? Would you eat lasagna if we buy some?”

How embarrassing.

“Maybe if you just get some hamburger I can make spaghetti.” Which they did. Which I did.

Last night they were at the Paul McCartney concert in SLC and I came home from work exhausted. Still no groceries. I looked around in the fridge for something, anything! And there was a brick of low-fat-Swiss cheese on the bottom shelf in the back. Alleluia! Real food.

I ate the entire brick of cheese.

And three bowls of almond vanilla granola.

Oh my good heck!

I’ve got to get back to a normal eating schedule.

Yah, my weight is up! Way up. A month of unbridled-eating has done a number and I’m not even going to type it. Because I’m determined to get rid of it before the ink dries!

Oh what the heck. 148. I haven’t seen that number for a year!