I’ve had the most delightful weekend!

Friday morning I drove to Logan for Mikelle’s baby shower, hosted by her sister-in-law, Becky, who might very likely be the most organized and creative person I’ve ever met. She is also very generous, kind, loving, happy, athletic and amazing. The shower was wonderful, well attended [several very pleasant surprises!] and, well, just perfect. Two of my sisters, Diane and Carol, as well as Amy, Becca and Spencer were able to find Logan’s parent’s home in Hyde Park and we had a very nice visit! Several of Mikelle’s friends from cosmetology school and from her work also attended. Logan’s family had a good showing and were so kind to my little girl all-grown-up daughter. It was an open-house format which was perfect for long talks and catching up.

Friday we enjoyed Mikelle and Logan’s new little apartment that they had moved in to the night before, again, organized by Becky, her husband, and assorted family members and friends. WOW! What a humongous effort by all involved. Anyway. Her apartment is darling and clean and coordinated and perfect for the two of them — soon to be three of them.

Gibbs [yes, after the one-and-only Jethro Gibbs of NCIS fame] will arrive here [on earth] the first or second week of October. By my calculations.

This morning we got up early and chatted, cleaned, [some more] organized all the crafts for wall-hanging and went on a little shopping spree. Logan got two pair of work pants. Mikelle and Gibbs got a little Martha Stewart shelving unit from Home Depot with multi-colored canvas baskets for all his cute little clothes and socks, and ear swabs. [We called hubby and Stephen  from Home Depot to see if this was, indeed, what they would love to give for a shower gift — and it was!] We also picked up another black saddle-seat stool for the bar in the kitchen. A couple of hanging organizers for the closet completed the tour and Mikelle rushed home to put it all together.

I decided to drive back to Lyman tonight instead of early in the morning so that I could mow the lawn and get some food for the upcoming week. I don’t want to mow or shop on Sunday, so this turned out just right.

Early in the week I said to Mikelle, “Isn’t it weird that a couple of years ago you could hardly stand me [hated, most days] and now we enjoy each other’s company so much!” [I’m so glad those years are over.] She returned with the same statement, just changing the pronouns to vice-versa.

Now my other daughter, Tracy, and her four [plus two friends, I heard . . .] will be here for the next two weeks and then we’re all off to Green River Lakes.

I feel so blessed to have my family ‘close’ by. Scott and Andie were here for about ten days — off and on — last week and a half, and now the girls are spending time with me. I swear life is turning out just dandy.