fourth commandment

I love Sunday!

I love the sunshine early this morning just as it peeked over the eastern horizon. I love that I can sleep in and wake up at leisure. I love wearing my mother’s nightgown and housecoat out into the yard for a little visit to the wooden swing and to feed the horses some old baby carrots.

When I was younger I resented the Fourth Commandment. But I have come to know these truths:

Sunday is a special day. On Sunday we can focus on our families, our friends and on the Lord.

In this day and age, Sunday has started to feel like any other day. Many of us have to work, and after that we try to get everything else done that we didn’t get done on Saturday. It seems like the weekend feels busier than the rest of the week. But Sunday, or the Sabbath, is a time to worship God and to give us a break from our day-to-day obligations. After creating the earth in six days, God set the seventh aside as a day of rest and remembrance. On Sunday we can spend time with friends and family, visit the sick or lonely, spend extra time studying the scriptures and go to Church. At Church we sing, pray, and discuss the gospel with the other members of the congregation and we also take the sacrament in remembrance of the Savior. At Church Mormons participate in the sacrament by eating bread and drinking water that was prepared to symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ. We can take that time to meditate on how Jesus Christ can help us and think about how we can live more like Him in the coming week.

Besides giving us a rest from the stresses of the workweek, keeping the Sabbath day holy shows respect for God and reminds us to slow down our busy lives to give thanks to our Creator. Sunday is a day to look forward to, one when we get to enjoy the things that really last.

Now I’m grateful for the command to slow down, to ponder, to appreciate, to study, to refuel, to pray to serve, to love, to notice.

I am grateful for Sunday because it’s the day I go to my amazing and wonderful 12-step class/meeting.

I’m grateful for Sunday because I see my ward family and my neighbors and friends that I don’t take time for during the week.

I’m grateful for Sunday because I don’t have to rush or worry or work or sweat or spend.

I’m grateful for time to call the grandchildren and listen to what they learned or sang or spoke. A couple of weeks ago Fisher gave a talk in Primary and he called me to practice it. It was adorable!

I’m grateful for Sunday because it is the Lord’s day, and I love the Lord.