Monthly Archives: August 2010



So far . . . so good. In fact, so far . . . so great! It feels good to be back on a schedule, back in a routine, back to normal. Summer work is hard, deep cleaning, frustrating, too many people around. Too much stress. Too much stress eating. Not enough structure. Four days […] Read the Rest…


weekend with the girls

Oh my heck! I just got home from a great weekend with Mikelle and Tracy. Tracy and Mikelle. I’m not sure which one sounds right. I left here around 10 a.m. on Saturday and stopped at a few places in Ogden. I had been wanting to get some new Keen sandals on a closeout special […] Read the Rest…


then and now

I looked over the past year’s posts just to see what I weighed last year at this time. 151.5. I looked at the post and saw I was so fired up to have lost that ten pounds. I was so optimistic, felt so good, was exercising, choosing wisely, happy. It was contagious. I weigh less […] Read the Rest…