lived to tell

This morning Mikelle and I went to RS for a girl day.

She had colored my hair last evening and given me a haircut this morning. She also cut Scott’s hair before he headed to Las Vegas today.



We were itching to do something fun together and our choices seemed to be to either head to Evanston for a movie, shopping and lunch or go to Rock Springs for the day. We thought there might be more choices of shopping, eating and movies, so we headed east.

I’ve been looking for a cool pair of sandals [at end-of-season prices] for several weeks so we hit Sport’s Authority and Herberger’s first. No luck at either place so we tried Famous Footwear. I wanted Teva, Chaco or Keen. No such thing. Zappo’s has some awesome choices and I suppose I’ll end up shopping online. I just keep hoping I’ll get them somewhere half-price instead of paying Zappo’s cost.





Love them all!

Somewhere between shoe shops Mikelle convinced me that we needed to eat at Applebee’s which was just across the parking lot. Sure enough she made a great lunch choice and we dined on the most scrumptious spinach-artichoke dip, Oriental Chicken salad and three-cheese penne. Yum. Me! [Good-bye 147!]

Movies were kind of so-so. After calling Tracy at her home and receiving a mini-review of all we might be interested in, we decided to opt for pedicures instead. I wanted to see Eat Love Pray and Mikelle wanted to see Inception or Charlie St. Cloud. But we found a reasonable pedicure/manicure/massage place and melted under their 40-minute care. Yum. Me.



Mikelle has pregnant feet and I have tan feet from wearing flop-flops for two weeks.
Flop-flops is how Annesley says flip flops.

A little shopping for the week at Wal-Mart and we were heading back to the valley. I drove while she downed an entire carton of Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. Yum. Her.

There were days a few years ago we wouldn’t have been able to sit in the same car for more than fifteen minutes without yelling or correcting or hurting each other. But we’re both all grown up now and had so much fun together. At one point in the mall we saw three teen-age girls walking by and we turned to each other with a sour look and I said, “I’m so glad you’re not there anymore.”

I’m so glad I we survived those teen-age years and lived to tell about it. I’m having more fun with my children now that they are grown than I ever did before.

Life is [so dang] good!