my own bed

I’m home! Home from the mountains I love. Home from the lake I adore. Home from the smell of pine and rain clouds and fishy grand-kids, and campfire and burnt marshmallows. Home from camping for another year.

I miss it already.

I showered as soon as I walked in the door, but I still smell the campfire in my hair this morning.

And then I weighed. 149 last night, 148 this morning.

Every single day — all 12 of them — I

  • breathed in the mountain air
  • prayed morning and night
  • consciously took in all the beauty around me
  • read Women, Food and God
  • read Clean Hands, Pure Heart
  • read Eats, Shoots and Leaves
  • did 5 sudoku puzzles, medium difficulty
  • walked between 30-40 minutes
  • drank water that was snow the day before
  • swam in the river (most days)
  • loved my family more than I ever have


But last night it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed. I climbed between the crisp sheets and hunkered down for a great sleep. While we were camping I slept in my Kelty tent on my Coleman air mattress, and in my Cabela’s sub-zero bag with two Levi quilts on top, wearing my polypropylene under-armour .

There had been a ‘bear-scare’ the week before in campsite #34, just two away from ours. I didn’t sleep well. I dreamed of grizzlies all night long. One night I actually prayed to clarify if God was telling me to go get my razor out of the car to enable me to quickly cut myself out of the back part of my tent in case a grizzly came in the front.

Then I thought, do grizzlies actually come in the front door of the tent?

Most nights I woke up to sounds that momentarily frightened me. I wondered if Scott would be able to hear my screams from his tent across our camp if I needed him to run through the dark with his .44 Magnum in tow.

I’ve turned into a sissy!

The last night, after Scott and Andie had left, I slept in my car. It was rough! I still had on my polies, still slept in the bag with the two quilts, but it was a tight squeeze and the reclining front seat wasn’t a good fit.

My own bed felt wonderful!