weekend with the girls

Oh my heck!

I just got home from a great weekend with Mikelle and Tracy. Tracy and Mikelle. I’m not sure which one sounds right. I left here around 10 a.m. on Saturday and stopped at a few places in Ogden. I had been wanting to get some new Keen sandals on a closeout special but Sportsman’s Warehouse and Sports Authority didn’t have them. [Ended up ordering online from Zappos.] I wanted to stop at Quilted Bear, too, but overcame that urge by promising to stop at Sugar and Spice in Logan. I got there around 1:30 and stopped by Mikelle’s work at the assisted living place. We visited with the residents and shared some brownies and banana cookie bars I had made the night before for Barbara Bluemel’s surprise birthday party. I definitely had to do something to get rid of them since I had eaten 10-12 squares the night before. Ugh. [another story . . .albeit a familiar one!]

After her shift was over we made a couple of runs to the professional hair shop, TJ Maxx, Dollar Cuts to pick up the shears and a spray bottle, the before mentioned Sugar and Spice [easily my new favorite craft store] and then to Mikelle’s perfectly cleaned and organized house. We made plans for the evening and then headed out to dinner.

Oh my heck again! Yum and a half! I had the grilled salmon on penne and artichokes tossed in olive and garlic! Delish! And healthy!

Later in the evening we colored hair, laughed, rubbed the preggers belly, visited, and shopped some more [trying to get a few school clothes at the last minute.] I finally went to bed around 11:30 but those two stayed up until around 2:00 and made so much noise that I finally went and slept on the couch. Oh my heck they were crying and laughing and bemoaning the fact that Tracy’s hair went ash-y and black and she felt like a sixty year old woman trying to look all hip. Oh my goodness. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement. [Me, being a sixty year old woman trying to look hip, myself, it was a little hard to not take that a little personal but I persevered and just played deaf each time I heard the near-insulting comment.]

At one point when we were all upstairs in the bathroom we decided to weigh in front of each other. That’s a first. Oh my stinkin’ heck. That was a sobering moment, which lead me to promise out loud, “The next time you see me I will weigh 140!” Mikelle reminded me she is going to have Gibbs in about four weeks so I’d better get on the ball!

This morning we woke up early and decided to color again. This time it turned out a little on the streaky-orange side. Now, I do love a good Sunkist orange. I adore them, but truth-be-told there was a little slice of Sunkist right there in the top and front of Tracy’s hair. She didn’t even want to go to church! I have total faith they are working on that right now, once more trying to get her hair back to a more natural and 35-ish hip color. Mikelle had called a half-dozen of her cosmetologist friends asking to borrow the right shade to repair the previous two shades — yes, that’s right. Three total colors in a twenty-four-hour period. Pray tell.

Tracy and I both got our eyebrows waxed and I got mine colored. I’m telling you, it is wonderful having a cosmo in the family. At one point Tracy climbed up on the kitchen counter with her Sunday clothes on and stretched out for the waxing. I snapped a few pictures and promise to share them if I can get Tracy to email them.

We went to Logan and Mikelle’s student ward. A few minutes after we got there a striking lady with a perfect hair cut and color came and sat down right in front of us. It was just what we had been aiming for. We all looked at each other and burst out in a stifled and irreverent laugh. It was a little much to bear right at that moment. And wouldn’t you know it, we kept running into miss perfect hair all throughout the three-hour block.

We did hear some great talks and lessons. Several times during the meetings I looked over at the two of them with such warm feelings of gratitude. They are good friends, even with the sixteen years difference in their ages. We have so much fun together and we made tentative plans for an annual girls’ weekend from here on out.

Later we had a great Sunday dinner together. We visited, once more, the Beehive assisted living place with promises of yarn for a few projects and to gather up the last of the brownies and banana bars I had delivered the night before. I’m telling you, they are trouble!

As much as I wanted to stay and see the final outcome, I had to go home! I start work in the morning bright and early and need to be up by 4 a.m. First day of school. So I delivered hugs and belly pats and headed down the canyon.

Last I heard Tracy is staying over one more night and heading out in the morning. Her saint of a husband has had the kids two days, got them all dressed for church this morning and taught Tracy’s Primary class as well. All this so we could have a girls’ weekend. I’m just saying . . . he’s pretty dang close to perfect when it comes to husbands!

I’ve totally committed to eat healthy and exercise this week. Back to the routine that seems to work best for me. Work hard all day and stay active, then be careful in the evenings. Not too much TV. Not too many snacks. 7-8 hours of sleep.

Come on! How hard can that be?

[Oh, I guess I have proved that theory this summer. It IS hard and just because I’ve lost weight the last year, I can’t afford to take for granted that I can keep it off. It’s going to be a life-long struggle for me. I know that.]

I’ll be checking in every couple of days with a progress report. I might not tell the truth, but I will check in!

Great weekend! Love those girls!

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  1. tracy

    Five processes later my hair is now very dark and though I don’t love it, it is growing on me. Today at iFamily lots of people said it was great…who knows?!!?

  2. Mom

    Well, I’d like you to get all gorgeous and take a picture. Let’s put a new one on facebook, too. I thought the one you emailed after your zoning session was beautiful, full of peace and touched with love.

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