um, yes, I won the game

We played the funnest card game with Barbara the other day. It was just the three of us, Mikelle and me and my mother-in-law. We sat at the kitchen counter on too-high stools so that our feet went to sleep and ate caramel corn, roasted almonds and ice cold water.

Here’s how it goes:

Progressive Rummy

Use two complete decks including Jokers. Deal out twelve cards to each player. You draw and discard each turn. The object is to get rid of your cards. You make runs [9,10,Q,K all the same suit] and sets [three of a kind,7,7,7] each hand but each “progression” is a different required group.

  1. 2 sets
  2. 1 set, 1 run
  3. 2 runs
  4. 3 sets
  5. 2 sets, 1 run
  6. 2 runs, 1 set
  7. 3 runs

If it’s not your turn but you see a card on the discard pile that interests you, you can ‘buy’ it with approval of the person whose turn it is. You buy, by also taking a card from the deck. Jokers can be taken from opponent’s meld if you can replace it with the proper card from your own hand. After each person gets their particular ‘group’ down, everyone can play on each other’s until all cards are played. For example, you have a run and set in front of you and I can reach over and add to it if I have the correct cards. [This adding to another’s is done the turn after you initially set down your own meld.]

Jokers:  50 points
Aces:  20 points
9-King:  10 points
2-8:  5 points

If you ever forget the order of the ‘progresion,’ its easy to remember with this little fact. The first step is 6 cards [2 sets], the second 7 cards [a set and a run], the third 8 cards [two runs], and so on up to 12 cards. I’m sure you can imagine the hardest one is step 7 with 3 runs out of the 12 cards you are dealt. D.i.f.f.i.c.u.l.t!

I hate to brag [oh, uh, huh…] but I won!

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  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Of course! Yes really really fun! Not like Rook or anything! I’m not sure I’d stay up past midnight in a trailer with 8 kids playing by the light of a Coleman! But I’d sure play it on a picnic table in the rain with some of my favorite people!

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