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At this very moment I’m balancing Mikelle’s baby on my lap. He’s three days old — well, two and a half — and I’m totally lapping him up. Loving him up. Kissing him up one side and down the other. Now, you’ve gotta know he’s totally familiar with that since I used to kiss his mom’s belly the whole time she was preggrs. I’d pat and rub him and kiss and hug him. Every once in a while I think she and Logan were a titch embarrassed that I was touching her quite so much, but oh well, they eventually got over it.

Tracy — amazing doula Tracy, labored with Mikelle the whole 17 hours. Of course that’s not counting the many hours that Mikelle labored by herself all day and then later all night with Logan. They finally called us around 3:00 Friday morning after at least 12 hours of hurting and worrying and crying.

It was so wonderful to have so many people come to the hospital. Scott and Andie were there with Scott’s friend, Austin. Steev and Leonard came for several hours. Barbara, Logan’s mother, was there for the delivery. I’m so thrilled she was able to be there.

I’m staying a few extra days until Mikelle feels totally at ease with all of her new responsibilities and this sacred stewardship. She’s doing great, actually, and I could leave right now. She’d be fine. She’d do wonderfully. But she’s asked for a few days to adjust.


Here’s how she’s adjusted in the last 15 hours. She’s nursed and pumped at least 7 times. She’s showered and done hair and makeup. She changed around her bedroom furniture [queen bed and two dressers, and a huge TV and music stereo system] to make it more comfortable for Logan tonight since he didn’t sleep well last night — their first night at home. She made the guest room bed and made two changing stations, upstairs and down. She cleaned and vacuumed the entire place. She’s talked to Tracy a few times and taken care of some family details.

Now we have a list of things to do, but we’re still deciding whether we want to take the baby with us. She wants to get dog food and worm stuff for their dog. She doesn’t want to leave it for Logan since he is “working hard all day . . .”

We’re still deciding on the name of this little guy. We’ve gone back and forth and back again.

In the hospital we had a group effort and wrote down approximately 30 names on note cards. We put them in all sorts of combinations and finally narrowed it down to about four names. Last night Logan had decided on Easton Cache Hull, but this morning I think it was Easton Logan Hull.

Of course my favorite name of all times and all places, Gibbs, has probably lost in this little naming marathon. I love the name and I’m sure I’ll slip up and call him that for a couple years, but eventually I will get on board with Easton or Tate or Hudson.

I can’t even express how happy I am that Mikelle is at this point in her life. She has done a 180 and is doing well in so many aspects. I’m grateful she is married to Logan and that they go to church and pray and tithe and are unified and connected. I’m so thrilled she is in love with her baby and that she’s having so much fun learning, loving, living, laughing.

And nursing.


Here’s one last picture that pretty much sums is all up.

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  1. Tami

    Wow! So great to hear that he is here! What a cutie! I’m sure you are just loving being there. Give Mikelle and Logan hugs for me – and a few kisses for that new little boy.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    So so fun! It’s now 4:30 in the morning. I just got to help him get rid of hiccups and said, “Wow I am going to have such a hard time leaving him for a month and not seeing him all that time.” Bwaaa.

  3. tracy Post author

    I think it just magically fixed itself. That post knew it wasn’t about “weight just a minute” and instead wanted to shout CELEBRATION FOR MY NEW GRANDBABY from the rooftops!

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