first national dorothy

I’m telling you I am so confused. I’ve been trying to keep track but it’s hopeless. I usually just count on Tracy to keep track of everything.

I loaned 600 to Mikelle for their first and last payment and deposit — or something — for their new apartment. She has paid back two payments of 150 so they owe 300. But the thing is, last weekend during the hair coloring episode, I accidentally took Tracy’s debit card home, so twice after I left, they used Mikelle’s card [for color and for school books] and transferred money from my checking to Mikelle’s to pay her back and Tracy paypal-ed me.

See. Confusing.

In the meantime I used my credit card when Mikelle and I went to the professional beauty shop to buy some Nioxin for me and some Pearatin for Tracy. Mikelle needed some purple rinse to keep her blond the perfect shade, so she owed me ten but I owed her twenty from when I got my eyebrows colored and didn’t have any money and left my purse out in the car. That was 3.50 but she left a 3.50 tip as well because she used to go to school at that same beauty college and knows what it’s like to not get a tip, so she tips big.

Then I ran to Wal-Mart for Tracy and used her debit card [a habit I’m afraid we are all fond of — using each other’s cards and pretending we are the other person, signing away with a confident flourish in front of a careless WM cashier who never checks ID] with instructions to add on 20 for the cash back to pay me for the Pearatin. I was also getting something for me and added on a 20 cash back to pay Mikelle, but I should have just used the 20 from Tracy’s order . . . to pay Mikelle.

Oh my. Then we all went to dinner at Cafe Sabor and tried to figure out a tip. Mikelle and Tracy added it to their charge but I had two fives [left over from the twenty at the cosmetology school] which Tracy thought was too much and Mikelle thought wasn’t enough so I think she ended up getting a $15 tip.

The other day when I  tried to pay our electric company online, they were now charging a three dollar fee for hubby’s, mine, and Steevo’s accounts so I just drove there and wrote one check, so those two owed me 44 and 87, and then hubby asked me to order the UFC fights on Dish so he owed me 45 for that. I transferred 132 from hubby’s account to mine and added the 44 to what Steevo already owed me.

Tracy paypal-ed me 10 for a little misunderstanding on the shipping costs of a new straightener, which I was going to pay for anyway, and then another 245 for her car payment which I had already paid 300 for. I like to pay a little extra on bills so I always round up. For instance, Steevo’s school loan for Wyo-Tech is 175 and I pay the extra 25 each month — making it an even 200 — and he then pays me back the 175. On his truck payment I pay 250 and he pays me the 245.

Yes. I think I have that all straight.

But here’s the wrench of it all. Friday I was scoring the football game and Steevo texted and needed to borrow money for propane. He was having a small meltdown, what with rent coming due, hunting fees to pay, and now propane. He already owes Scott 200 and hubby 150 so he wanted to borrow from me. In between plays I hurried and called Scott to see if he could talk to him but Steevo didn’t answer. So during the quarter break I called the bank and had them transfer 500 to Steevo but he kept texting and asked if I had talked to dad. I hadn’t. I couldn’t, for crying out loud; I was trying to score a football game! Later I learned that hubby transferred 300 to Steevo so I need to transfer the 500 back to my account. But Steevo thought I’d just transfer 300 back so he’d still have the full 500.

This is why I eat!

Not really, of course,

But it is why I’m confused!

I just got an email from Pay Pal saying:

Hello Dorothy. Just thought you’d like to know Tracy just sent you $585. And a little personal note from Tracy explaining 495 for math stuff [which I totally forgot to blog about] . . . 42 hair stuff, 44 books, 4 tip. Thanks!

Sometimes I’m grateful to be so confused because this was a nice little surprise and I feel so very rich at this very moment! I totally don’t mind loaning money or credit cards as long as someone else keeps track of it all.