fully rested

I’ve LOVED having four days off. Well, sort of three, or two.

We have a four-day school week and so I really had Friday “off,” but I  worked three hours setting up the football field and cleaning the commons for the back to school dance. Then I worked the football game for three and a half hours scoring up in the booth. But I got to sleep in ’til six! Dreamy!

Saturday was the middle school 7th grade invitation volleyball tourney and I worked that. But it was only from 10 – 3:30, so I’m still not counting that as a work day. I got to sleep in again until 6:30. Heaven! I had at least half of the day off. Of course Dal and Becky’s wedding was that night. Stephen was gorgeous, dressed in a tux and believe it or not, a camouflage hunting cap, as best man. It was a fun night.

Sunday and Monday were truly days off. Church, playing cards with Barbara and a 12 -step meeting were added in there, but it was pure luxury spending time with family. Monday, today, Mikelle and I ordered a movie, Back Up Plan, with Jenifer Lopez and we laughed our heads off and cried over the ending. Logan went with hubby to get a trailer-load of hay for the winter and then they headed out around one. This afternoon I took a blissful three hour nap.

I’ve been so lazy and hope I can wake up at 4 a.m. to start the next week all over. Only three days this week!

Mikelle helped me clean; I finished all the laundry; dishes are done and I hardly use any all week long, being the only one here, so I’m ready to work three 15-hour days and already looking forward to the next weekend. I really don’t know if a four-day-school-week is worth it. My experience is that we wear ourselves out and then sleep. As an employee of the school district I believe it’s defeating the purpose of education . . cramming so much in the days Monday through Thursday. Kids are there from 5:30 a.m. for weight lifting and practice, attend classes from 8 – 4:00, more practice, clubs and homework and bed by midnight. How can that be good?

But the weekends are wonderful!

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  1. tracy

    I wish I was fully rested! But much progress has been made on my house today…still needs MUCH more work, but we worked hard and got lots done!

    Is the district saving any money at all this way?

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