Holy cow!

Mikelle and I weigh the same. The difference? She just had a baby. She’s losing weight every day. I’m not!

We both stepped on the scale the other morning at her house. I nearly died. She was pretty thrilled. She’s lost 20 pounds in four days. I’ve gained two in those same four days. Mmmm. I keep wondering when I’m going to get it all together again.

Her husband is so funny! He came home from work on Tuesday and the first words out of his mouth . . . the very first words were, “Look how skinny you are!” What a guy!

[Monday when he walked in the door his first words were, “Where is he?” He found the baby, changed him, and held him on his chest the rest of the night except for feedings and changings.]

Back to the whole weight thing. I’m sure hoping this is a wake up call and that I can have two or three really healthy, good, responsible days in a row. I keep thinking if I could just get that under my belt I’d be on my way. But I keep buying bigger clothes and being uncomfortable when I sit down [it seriously cuts off the blood flow to my brain!]

Tuesday I wore one of Mikelle’s shirts that she had worn just a few days earlier at almost nine months pregnant. It fit me pretty good — maybe a little tight — and she said, “You can have that, in fact I have a couple of shirts you can have.”


She is giving me her maternity hand-me-downs.


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