key lime

Who would ever do such a thing? Last weekend I was at Mikelle’s and when I got home late Sunday night I took a peek in the fridge and saw this:

I went to bed thinking about key lime pie.

The next day I was fine. I went to work and then I thought about the pie, so I called hubby and said, please take that pie with you so it’s not here all week. Please put it in the top of your cooler and don’t leave it in the fridge. It won’t be good by the time you get home on Friday, anyway, and I don’t want it in the fridge all week. He said he didn’t have room for it. Ugggh. I said I’d take it over to Stephen and he and Fuzz could eat it.

On Tuesday I ate a slice of key lime pie. I had another two slices on Wednesday. Last night I had the last slice. I was wrong about it not being good by Friday. It was delicious. I hate having pie in the fridge. I hate being married to someone who can have one slice of pie and then somehow is able to forget about it. I hate being married to someone who doesn’t think about food all day long. Who doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to think about food all day long.

OK. I know that’s not fair. It’s not his fault I’m defective.

But, please, don’t bring any more key lime home unless it’s



Thank you. Thank you for understanding that it’s a good thing to not leave stuff like that around.

6 thoughts on “key lime

  1. Mom

    I did great. We had grilled chicken breasts and onion, mushrooms and red potatoes. Tossed salad with avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes. I don’t have any deserts around the house but they went and got ice cream after I went to bed. Barbara came down last night and we played cards. She brought caramel corn and roasted almonds but I had very little. But I’m still right up there near 150. That is really making me crazy!!!!!

  2. Tami

    Hey – I’ll comment! Just got to give me time to actually get on here. Man – you get it from your hubby… I do it to myself. I made 2 stinkin’ delicious peach pies and end up eating pretty much 1 all by myself. dang it!!

  3. Mom

    Tam, once there was 3/4 of a chocolate cake left over. I ate the whole thing. Then I baked another chocolate cake and ate 1/4 of it so it looked just like the one before I ate it. UGH!!!

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