kind of sappy

I don’t know if you remember my little apple tree from last year. It had two apples on it. I was one proud mama!

This year it has 33 apples! They are plump and red and juicy. And not a bug on any of them! And you have to remember, this is Wyoming. We have very short summers, hardly any growing season at all, desert watering conditions and cold, cold nights. It’s not as if we have the lower elevation and lengthy season of Rigby or Logan!

The amazing thing about this tree is that one of our dogs, a few dogs back, chewed all the bark off the trunk. I hated the dog for it. It was one of our many dogs named Belle. But so amazingly, this little tree, which is shorter than me . . . so about five feet tall, came back with power and strength and determination. You guessed it. I like to gain my own little bit of strength and determination from it when I look at it in the early morning dew and in the cool of the evening. I am not exaggerating. I love this little tree! OK, I admit it. That’s a little sappy! ha ha.

6 thoughts on “kind of sappy

  1. weighingmatters

    Seriously? He never said a word. Well, how was it? Was it good? Was it sweet? Was it worth picking? Should I pick them now or wait?

    It’s my first apple tree and I’m inexperienced as to the stewardship . . .

  2. tracy

    Most apples do better with a little bit of frost to help their sugars develop fully. They do look like ours, but who knows if they are the same!

  3. mikelle pitts

    Logan said it was kinda sour so wait a bit longer? I hope they turn sweet and yummy! Oh i know you can bring me a few when the babe is born. Yes good idea. . .

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