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I love Life is Good T’s. We buy them at TJ Maxx for a much better price than department stores. Most of them are $30-40, but I can get them for $13-15 at TJ. I do look online all the time for the newest sayings and can hardly wait until they reach the discount store.

I have a favorite light blue shirt that has a plain red bicycle on the front with the usual saying. The thing is, every single time I wear it I confuse myself and end up giving myself what I’m now calling a “life is good bruise.”

Stay with me here and I’ll explain.

I wear reading glasses. I have about 30 pair of the pesky little things and I usually wear them on the front of my shirt, swinging from the neck opening by one arm of the glasses. They dangle and fall and I sit on them and step on them and lose them. I’ve been cleaning a toilet more than once when they fell in. Every time I lean over they lose their place and end up where they shouldn’t be.

OK, here’s the thing about the shirt. The two wheels on the bicycle resemble my glasses.

See how I could get confused. I’m always reaching for them when it’s really the bike wheels. I’m always patting my chest, searching for my specs. It appears I’m speaking in some kind of Early American code. “Me tough. Me strong, See me pound my chest. Ugh.”

And that’s where the bruise comes in. My skin and bones right there under the bike feels sore and tender by the end of the day. It’s not really a bruise I can see, but it feels like one.

I imagine the very same thing would happen if I had, say, a dollar bill on my shirt.

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  1. tracy

    I keep seeing my dark hair out of the corner of my eye and screaming. I keep thinking I have some dark, dangerous animal on me and I jump and try to knock it off me. Alas, it is only my hair!

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