smart kid

It’s almost Fisher’s 6th birthday. I called to ask what he would like from his Grommer.

He said, “You know a book, that’s hard that has chapters, so it’s a chapter book and it has like chapter one, and chapter two and chapter three and chapter four and stuff like that. And I can listen while my momma reads to me and we can sit on the couch by each other while she reads to me?

Yah, that’s what I want for my birthday. That would be a good present for you to get for me.”

Apparently there is an author that Fisher loves. [seriously, at age 6!] Thornton Burgess, who loved the beauty of nature and its living creatures so much he wrote about them for 50 years. By the time he retired, he had written more than 170 books and 15,000 stories for daily columns in newspapers. Many of his own outdoor observations in nature were used as plots for his stories. In his first book, Old Mother West Wind, published in 1910, the reader meets many of the characters found in later books and stories. These characters include Peter Rabbit, Jimmy Skunk, Sammy Jay, Bobby Raccoon, Little Joe Otter, Grandfather Frog, Billy Mink, Jerry Muskrat, Spotty the Turtle and of course, Old Mother West Wind and her Merry Little Breezes.

Now just so you won’t think that he isn’t as normal as any other little boy, he also asked me for a snake! I’m still working on that!