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no dummy

I’ve got this figured out. I’ve thought about it since yesterday and it makes so much sense now that I have mulled it over. Here’s the thing. I don’t have anything that fits. And I can tell you why. Never mind the 10 pounds. Bwaaaa. Here’s what’s wrong. I am totally dieting at the wrong […] Read the Rest…



I’ve wasted almost the whole day. Originally I told Tracy I was going to borrow a wall-washer from the school and get all the smudges, cobwebs and grease from the walls. I was going to make my house smell like my house again. I plugged in the Scentsy. Instead, I caught up on everything TV. […] Read the Rest…


laundry day, 2010

I’m just catching up. I tend to do that. The four-day school week is kicking my butt, so by the time I work 10 hours, drive a bus and score, I hardly have time to post, too. Plus the fact that I’m obviously not writing about my monumental weight-loss strategies and successes cuts down on […] Read the Rest…