3:30 am

Getting up very early in the morning to drive to General Conference. Hope I can get there in time to get standby tickets. The afternoon session I will be taking care of Fisher and Annes while Tracy, Blythe and Keziah attend. They did get tickets for the Saturday afternoon session and will get to go inside. I’m taking a blanket, some goodies, some books and toys.

I’m pretty sure we will be going to Old Spaghetti Factory after. That seems to be the tradition the last several years.

I’m so grateful we have this ‘thing’ going at Conference time. I love, LOVE conference! There is no other feeling [or filling] that compares to listening to a living prophet. I love watching all the Sunday-dressed people in downtown SLC. I love the flowers and foliage and landscaped grounds. I love the music. I love the sensation. I love my faith growing. I love seeing people hug and share and talk in all sorts of dialects. I love watching the Ensign photographers snap pictures. I love seeing the big TV on-site caravans. I love watching for the camera’s inside and the big screen. I love seeing what color of ties the general authorities wear! I love hearing about new temples and the number of missionaries and the total number of members.

I pretty much adore everything at Conference.

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